Lille Loophole

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mushroom25 | 19:15 Thu 08th Dec 2011 | News
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seems that it's possible to enter the UK without a passport check by purchasing a Eurostar ticket from Brussels to Lille then staying on the train to London.

A Brussels-Lille ticket must cost a good deal less than a legitimate ticket all the way to London - so why are these overstayers not being hit with penalty fares? It's what would happen to me if I tried a stunt like that...


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Kelvin McKenzie said on TV today he would send armed guards to Lille and shoot them on sight.

Without resorting to that they should never allowed into Britain and if that was the only option to send them back on arrival here.
Is this the Coalition Government's Open Door Immigration Policy?
Gromit, I suspect the coalition has just overlooked this because they don't believe in travelling by train anyway.
Rov100, Would that be this Kelvin McKenzie?

Yes gromit, another problem inherited from noo labour. This was first seriously rsised in 2001 but nothing done. border gaurds are limited in what they can do in Bruxelles and in the uk checks are rarely done.
When on the eurostar checks are never done. You are allocated a seat but people move around. Checks are xarried out in premier at start of the journey but only to keep the scum out.
The Eutostar is heavily used in premier by euro politicians. They are the biggest group using it. I have had to put up with couness journeys listening to these idiots.
So 20 months into a ConDem Government and they haven't bothered to close this loophole which youngmafbog says was a known problem.

It must be a low priority. Strangely, this is the kind of thing they promised to clampdown on when they were electioneering. So far their record on immigration is no better than Labour's, which must be disappointing for some.

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Lille Loophole

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