Would this be allowed in our state schools?

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anotheoldgit | 12:26 Tue 18th Oct 2011 | News
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While there are many who would wish to see some discipline brought back into our schools, but obviously not this type of child ill treatment, then how is it that it apparently is allowed in UK Islamic schools?

Is it not time for a complete investigation into this matter and these institutions closed down and the perpetrators sent for trial, or is this sensitive issue best ignored with the hope that it goes away, as generally is the case ?


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I suspect they wouldn't be at all surprised. I was having a conversation fairly recently with a Muslim chap who said that the only way to control children was to beat them, and he was not alone in that conversation, nor apparently a rarity in that opinion. I did say i didn't agree with this at all, but sadly my opinion didn't count for much.
Why is it the UK governments have always accepted and allowed foreign nationals to come and live here and demand that our culture be altered to suit them? I am a firm believer that if you or your parents decide (by your/their own free will) to go and live in another country, then you should also accept the culture and laws of that country and not expect them to be changed for you. We are far more lenient than the other European countries, who have, unlike England, managed to maintain their traditions, culture and laws and with these their identity! Is it that we have politicians who are more concerned with imressing their international counterparts than their own public maybe? Shouldn't children growing up in this country be going to normal British schools instead of being taught in Islamic schools to disrespect the British people, even hate them? I am not saying this is the case in all of these schools, but it most certainly is in some! If these people want to live here and want to be a part of this country, why are they not integrating their children into British schools with British laws and no corporal punishment etc.? I lived in France and Germany as a child and went to normal, national and private schools in each country. My parents didn't demand there be an English or Irish school for me to go to! I am very much in favour of more disciplin in the schools here, but corporal punishment is not the way to achieve this!!
My wife used to be Deputy Head in an inner-city Catholic school with a large intake of Muslim children.

On Monday, it was a regular occurence for young boys to complain of pains in their feet, which, on examination, showed red wheals where they had been beaten on the soles of their feet by Mullahs during Friday Prayers, and occasionally on other days when beatings had occured at other times.

My wife was in regular contact with Social Services about these instances, raising them as child abuse cases, which of course, they were, but you will not be surprised to hear that the local Council Social Services would cut of their own expenses claims rather than interfere with Muslim teaching and tradition.

Her repeated requests for investigation of blatant child abuse went unanswered for the duration of her time at the school - i have no doubt such abuse still goes on under the guise of religious teaching.

So yes, it is time for an investigation and the trail of the abusers.

I am all in favour of an integrated society, where possible - but abuse of children behind closed doors is still abuse, and should be subject to the laws of this country, and not ignored under the blanket apathy of fearing to offend the Muslim community.
If anyone did this is in a state school, smacked the children around, beat them and so forth, would there not be a public outcry, and a government inquiry, and intervention to stop it from happening again, so why should it be right, or tolerated in any school, or place of religious teachings.

What about places of worship?

Should all mosques and synogogue be closed?

Would you agree that Jewish schools should be closed down?

And halal butchers - should they also be closed? What about kosher delis?

Where would you stop?
It gets so confusing.

Those on the political right are generally, but not exclusively part of the 'bring back corporal punishment' brigade.

However, if Muslims are the ones wielding the birch, they suddenly change their tune.

I have always been against corporal punishment for children, it serves no purpose, there are surely better ways to chastise, and punish children without using a stick to do it. I admit some of the older bstards who cause mayhem and hurt the vulnerable in our society, i would cheerfully lock those up and throw away the key.
sp1814, where did I say places of worship should be closed, shops should be closed? I was quite clearly talking about schools! The two - schools and places of worship, in my humble opinion, should be kept separate. Any place of worship that speaks out / teaches its follower to be disrespectful or harmful to others should be closed! I don't care what religion they belong to, there should be no exception! None of them have the right to abuse, disrupt, harm or disrespect others! As for the halal butchers and kosher delis ... why should they be seen as any different to vegitarian shops etc? They are shops and people do have choices they can make, it is their right! I cannot see why they should have to close.
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There you go exaggerating again, this is not about the old caning on the hand, or perhaps a plimsoll on the rump, this is about beating children around the head, kicking, or otherwise beating them with heavy implements.
"...I did not bother reading the link..."

So you commented on something without bothering to to see what you were commenting about?

Interesting way to debate - I must remember that one.

Jews have never been a threat to this countries cultural identity, nor do they breed like rats.

Jews have been here for centuries yet still only number around 300,000.
Muslims roughly 1.2 million in a few decades

Jews have no known intention of turning the UK into a Jewish state, whereas muslims would be more than happy for this to be turned into a muslim state.

Jews to al lintents and purposes have never been a threat to this country in any way or form

But strangely enough, there's such a history of anti-semitism in this, and so many other European countries.

Why would that be?

I'm following your argument to it's logical conclusion. You're saying that Islamic schools should be closed so that Muslim children can better integrate right? So what about Jewish schools? And why stop at schools. If you want integration, why not ban any form of religious dress, except the cross. Where do you stop.

Would you be in favour of banning Jewish schools? How about Catholic schools?

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Would this be allowed in our state schools?

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