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I Want Out Of The EU

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AB Editor | 09:55 Tue 04th Oct 2011 | News
63 Answers

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  • Yes! "I Want Out" of the EU - 190 votes
  • 77%
  • No! I Don't. - 57 votes
  • 23%

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It's like that Harry Enfield sketch where Kevin turns from a lively 12 yr old into a miserable emo teenager at the stroke of midnight.

That's how it works with us old folk too. Only the other day I chased after some young ruffians waving a stick. I never would have done that when I was 29.
Ludwig, the same may be said about the No voters too.

If there was a real vote alot of the myths would be exposed and people could make an informed choice. At the moment there is a lot of scaremongering from the No camp such as lack of trading etc which is clealry nonsence since the EU export more to us than we do to them.

And no, I dont read the Express or the Daily Mail.
i was 40 at the beginning of september.

in august i would have voted completely differently to what i have done now in my old age.

damn, this old age. i get so confused. during the war.

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I Want Out Of The EU

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