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Labour admits more mistakes.

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anotheoldgit | 13:56 Mon 26th Sep 2011 | News
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Isn't that what most of us having been telling them for years?

But how come they find out their mistakes when they are no longer in office.


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The only people who do well under a Labour government are Labour MPs.

And we now discover that, since leaving office, Tony Blair has amassed more wealth then any other former Prime Minister in history.

So he can afford to be a Socialist.

The rest of us, unfortunately, have to work.
Well to be fair, no party would admit such a big c*ck up whilst in power!

Red Ed is trying to make a new break, no point in denying what is as plain as the nose on your face.

Brown has alot to answer for, it was criminal what he did to the country.
It is quite refreshing that finally after 100+ years Labour have realised that wealth has to be created by someone. Well done, I say!
Admiting your mistakes while in office requires the tiresome task of doing something about them.

Admitting them after merely requires a shrug of the shoulders, and a request to the waiter to hurry up with that ice cold cocktail, the sun is beating down ...
Jayne, well said.
As opposed to the Tories who are all millionaires before they start?

As for no one doing well under Labour that is blittering nonsense

Look at the country's GDP under labour

14 stright years of Growth

Find me a Tory administration that managed that and then come back and talk about it!
I agree with this article and I vote Labour
They want to get back into power, it makes them look contrite, and rather humble, well b***ocks to that. 13 years of Nu Labour and quite honestly if i have to listen to Ed Miliband, with that whiny tone, i will do some damage to the tv or radio which ever comes first.
The Tory-Lib Dem coalition has zero credibility.

Which is a lot more than Labour has.
"Find me a Tory administration that managed that and then come back and talk about it! "

Not that I'm interested in party-political point-scoring (in fact the reason I'm responding to this comment in the way I am is because I think it's narrow-minded and tiresome), but I think there's a very convincing case to be made that it -was- the Tory administration which achieved the 14 years of growth you refer to.
//As opposed to the Tories who are all millionaires before they start? //

'All' is rather an overstatement, Jake, but those that are rarely pretend otherwise.
Rather a carefully worded and stretched article Em

What's that- 3? If we assume Harriett Harman is in her own right.

Compare and contrast with 18 Tories

4/5ths of the Cabinet
Jake, the assumption seems to be that all Tories are millionaire toffs, which is a comment often made on AB, and invariably printed in the papers, not just DM, but many others. I was trying to reddress the situation a bit. As to Blair, he has i would imagine outstripped the lot by way of wealth, another Champagne socialist.
Question Author

/// As opposed to the Tories who are all millionaires before they start? ///

At least they didn't become Politicians to become millionaires.
Actually, I don't see anything wrong with being a millionaire, assuming the money is obtained legally - and the fact is many people work damned hard to get there, creating jobs for others and wealth for the country in the process, so why shouldn't they enjoy the proceeds of their labour?

How many here who continually decry people for earned or inherited wealth give the proceeds of the property they inherit from their parents to the less fortunate? I don't see anyone clamouring to do that! Complaining about the wealth of others is nothing but sour grapes from those who don't have it - and in many cases from those that do - most notably the people who have well-paid jobs, but nevertheless, publicly at least, tread a token left path because they see that as 'the thing to do' - and we can add to that the Labour politicians and union leaders who claim to support the working classes whilst burying their two-faced snouts as deeply as they can into the trough. The picture of that bastion of Labour politics, John Prescott - or should I say Lord Prescott - playing croquet at his official country mansion springs to mind - or how about Diane Abbott who energetically extolled the virtues of state schools whilst educating her own offspring privately? With Labour it's a case of do as I say - not as I do! Labour voters are the source of the bread these people enjoy - which they spread with the finest butter while laughing all the way to the bank!

I voted Labour all my life until the last government showed us what Labour is capable of. Never again!
Bravo naomi.
Kromovaracun, as I understand it, it was Thatcher's deregulation of the City that led to the banking-induced recession we're now in (because the USA followed suit in order to compete). If she's apologised, I missed it.

As for individual MPs, I'm unfussed if Tony Blair gets rich; why shouldn't he? Nor did he stop anyone else doing so. But Labour MPs in general seem to have been an honest lot. Their expenses claims were no worse than those of their Tory counterparts. Tories on the other hand went to jail for personal corruption and perjury - Hamilton, Aitken, Archer. I don't recall any Labour MPs displaying greed on that scale or with that degree of illegality.
The problem with this speech is that their mistakes was in not preventing others who made the mistakes especially the control of the banking system.

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Labour admits more mistakes.

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