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Public Sector Pensions

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flip_flop | 08:04 Thu 30th Jun 2011 | News
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Teachers and other public workers are talking about 'fairness' and the fact that they don't want to be forced to increase their contributions and don't want to work beyond their current retirement age.

As I understand it the vast majority of their pension is paid for them out of the public purse.

Ignoring the point that I don't think we should be providing them with a pension at all - as I'm having to save for my retirement by paying into a private pension I don't see why they can't - if the reports are to be believed public sector pensions are among the best there are with many of them still being final salary and index-linked.

Am I missing something here?

Because I'm struggling to understand why they are moaning about having to contribute a little more and work a little longer.


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Teachers -"Low salaries". They are paid FAR too much these days. All teachers should have, at least, a 20% pay cut - then they can moan!
I have to agree with you on that Helen - public sector pay 'at the coalface' is crap and pay rises are low (been there done that with the Forces) so there should be a decent retirement package - whether it should be a final salary one is debatable
Completely agree flip_flop, before I was made redundant in previous job we had a final salary scheme, when this was doing badly we had to increase our contributions, did we moan, no we just paid what was required.

Another thing is I wonder how many of the people on strike moan when air traffic controllers or other workers go on strike and it affects there holidays or daily business.

I wouldn't do a teacher's job for that pay!

I've been a civil servant for over 25 years, and couldn't tell you when I last had a pay rise.. many many years ago. very many years! the cost of living has gone up, so I am already worse off each month. I work bloody hard for my little pay, and was expecting to retire whilst I still had breath in me.
I should add, EVERYONES pensions are changing whether in the private or public sector.

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There is a public sector pensions blackhole of some £10bn and we cannot to pay what we have promised. In future, pensions will have to be less generous. But the Government needs to offer something in return. To just take huge sums of money from people, and expect them to quietly accept that is wrong.
i read recently that there over 6 million public sector workers, and out of that over half a million civil servants, how does it work with regards to their pensions. i paid into a private scheme albeit for a short time, but as the papers keep on about public sector pensions, thought would ask. Are they gold plated, or is that just a headline? I know there is a strike on today about pensions, but i confess i am not following this
Not really Helen, we had to find something like 6% the company put 4% in and we put and extra 2% in (cant remember the exact figures but it was something like that.
>> strict T&C's low salaries <<

Just started to read this thread and nearly choked on my toast
The Hutton Report clearly shows (in the graphs) that the cost of pensions is falling decade on decade. Public sector workers have paid their contributions and are also taxpayers.
Taxpayers' contribute three times as much to MPs' pensions as do MPs themselves. We don't hear them calling for their own pensions to be cut.
Question Author
There are 'just' 650 MPs - you can't compare the two.
why not they are well overpaid
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if that was directed at me, i was repeating what i i had read, and quite frankly i don't care. They can strike all they want, if the country goes bankrupt, so be it.
there is one i know on just under £37,000 last year

pull the other one it has bells on
I can never gety head around this work longer aspect
Surely it's just taking a job from a younger person
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also, when we (eventually.. if we even make it!) get to retire, we'll add to the benefits bill as our pensions will be less than expected.

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