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Restoring your faith

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Oneeyedvic | 21:21 Mon 18th Apr 2011 | News
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Not necessarily a news item, but I thought that I would share with you my experience on Sunday as for the first time in my life, I ran the London Marathon.

It was very emotional to run with 35,000 other people but the most overwhelming part of the day was the crowd and it restored my faith in humanity.

If you don't think people are willing to give money to charity, around £50 million will be raised from the run.

If you think people are selfish then I saw over a thousand people who (at their own expense) provided sweets, oranges and even sandwiches along the route.

If you think people don't talk to strangers, I heard over a thousand shout out my name as I went past and encouraged me as I faltered (my name was on my shirt).

If you think that kids are troublemakers, then I would tell you about the hundreds who high fived me as I passed.

And if you think that multiple cultural society doesn't work, I can tell you that I saw every colour and creed running and cheering.

It was an amazing day and showed how Great, Great Britain is


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I think you got your message across.

Well done Vic, a great achievement.
LOL sqad, that last bit really made me laugh ;-)

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Restoring your faith

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