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The Only Tory Hopeful With Any Decency...

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Atheist | 19:05 Tue 11th Jun 2019 | Politics
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It seems to me that the only one with any intelligence or decency is Rory Stewart. What do ABers think?


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I agree. In a sea of idiots, shysters and charlatans he seems honest and smart. I'm not saying I share his politics , jut that I wouldn't feel embarrassed if he was PM. However, I suspect he wants to be the next PM but one rather than the winner of the current race. Which is also wise. An entertaining New Yorker interview with him here...
21:19 Tue 11th Jun 2019
Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha
Question Author
Silly response, OG. Is that the best you can do? Please address the question with a bit of respect.
He's in favour of continuing to push May's anti-Brexit deal, and against getting out no-deal, but staying in this mire instead. He's arguably the worst of the lot.
No it was the only rational response to your ludicrous suggestion; which has to have been either tongue in cheek, or a troll.
It doesn't call for respect.
I agree with you, Atheist.
He’s fantastically intelligent and slightly left leaning, so he hasn’t got a hope of course.
I would say that all the candidates, however unappealing they may be to some, all have various skills and abilities. They must have intelligence to be in their respective positions.

As to decency, it depends on how you define it.

I have seen qualities in Rory that I like but I also have some reservations.

When all is said and done, there is no stand out candidate and the leadership contest is very wide open.
Question Author
OG. I understand he's against your stance, but do you give him credit for intelligence and decency? He's not a robot like Hancock, and not a Putin lookalike like Putin. He does address people politely. Any respect for him at all?
Question Author
Sorry, I meant to compare Raab with Putin.
Yes I like Rory Stewart and I suspect were the leadership
contest open to a more representative selection of the electorate he’d have a good chance of winning: possibly even a general
However ...
Although I’ve just seen a pic of him on Twitter being interviewed by a female journalist. Manspreading to extremes.
I don’t know if this will work, but here goes.
Rory has an impressive CV but his Brexit stance rules him out. I'm going for Boris, Raab or Leadsom with perhaps McVey.
You could not say Rory hasn't achieved much or lacks intelligence (age 46)

In the 2004 Queen's Birthday Honours, Stewart was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the Civil Division.[135]

He holds honorary doctorates from the University of Stirling[136] and the American University of Paris.[137]

Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature (2005).[138]

Fellow of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (FRSGS) (2009).[139]

The Livingstone Medal of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (2009).[140]

The Prize del Camino del Cid (2009).[141]
BAFTA Scotland Award (2012).[142
Question Author
OG. I'm disappointed that you dismiss me as a troll or a joker. I expected better of you. We may disagree, but we shoudn't insult each other; that proves nothing.
When questioned on Channel 4 News a few weeks back, he said he was against leaving with no deal and also against another referendum. He would, he said, let the people speak and he would listen to them. Jon Snow asked him "What if 'the people' say they want us to leave with no deal or that they want another referendum. At which point, Stewart's brain began oozing from his ears and a very confused expression told us all he hadn't thought this out. Next PM?
The truth is none of them have a solution to the Brexit issue as it stands.
If your brain hasn’t oozed Brexit or whatever it’s a bit like having been in the sixties despite not remembering it ;-)
Following the Peterborough result, perhaps the Brexit issue isn't the big deal that it once was?!

The position of PM is not a one trick pony after all...
Question Author
Clover, I understand you taking advantage of his posture to criticise him; but what about womanspreading? Is that OK?
Question Author
(By that, I meant exposing breasts.)
Question Author
OG. I hope you're alright. I didn't mean to be too abrupt with you.

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The Only Tory Hopeful With Any Decency...

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