How can we get this to Christmas No.1?

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what..the? | 01:02 Wed 01st Dec 2010 | Music
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Operation Shoebox UK in conjunction with The Farm’s record label Demon Music Group have come together to raise funds for Operation Shoebox. All proceeds from itunes downloads in December will go straight towards helping the troops on the ground in Afghanistan, by supplying them with basic home essentials they need through to the home comforts we take for granted. On the 20th Anniversary of the release of The Farm’s classic hit single ‘All Together Now’ the Liverpool based group have kindly agreed to re- release the single and donate proceeds from all downloads to National Voluntary Charity 'Operation Shoebox' who work with the MOD to supply Troops through out the year with such basics as sweets, magazines, toiletries, underwear, DVD's, music, even letters of support from people in the UK.


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I remember last Christmas X factor got knocked off the top spot because of a internet campaign how did they do it??
Who the hell cares? You really think I'm going to spend money just so X-factor doesn't get to number one. I don't watch it anyway.
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I vote Metallica's cover of The Anti-Nowhere Leagues 'So What' for xmas #1 slot.

If you want to send a shoebox of goodies out to the troops, you'd already have done so by now, surely?
There's already a facebook group trying to get Surfin Bird by the Trashmen to number one at Christmas to sabotage X-Factor, also, don't know if its on facebook as well, but heard of a campaign to get the silent recording to No.1.
The above would be a great one to buy though.
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Nah, I think last year's Rolf Harris / Status Quo "Christmas In The Sun" should be nominated !
The Trashmen? ... Where do I sign?
No not too late, if everyone paid to download now, their favourite track would peak too early, as it were!
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All the 1,000's of boxes are already out there for Christmas or are on there way, we send 14,000-19,0000 through out the year not just xmas.

We already have a facebook group here:

BRIAN ... DON'T ...
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19,000 sorry
...ooh err! I didn't get where I am today by 'peaking early'!
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man you gotta love family guy
Darth vader:
(fffffff) Skywalker, I KNOW what you're getting for christmas (fffffff) ...I felt your presence.

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How can we get this to Christmas No.1?

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