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Does Simon Cowell Do Damage to Music and the Music Industry?

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AB Editor | 17:01 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | Music
2 Answers
Does Simon Cowell's position as an owner of a record label and presenter of X-Factor mean he has a too tight a grip on the music industry?

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  • Yes, Cowell has too much power and is harming the music industry. - 26 votes
  • 76%
  • He may have too much power but I like the X-factor and it's winners - 6 votes
  • 18%
  • I think he is saving the music industry from collapse. - 2 votes
  • 6%

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Cowell manipulates the situation and the public follow like sheep.

I hate that RATM song but good luck to them and the people who organised it. Maybe Cowell will think again next year.
i kind of agree, but let's get to the heart of the matter...people DON'T have to buy the 'music' that comes out of the x factor. there's far better talent in our clubs and pubs who are actually self financing their own cd's and all of the money ends up in their pockets and not those of the record company executives. however, its all entertainment, whether you agree or not and people have the right to choose....the x factor is certainly not my choice

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Does Simon Cowell Do Damage to Music and the Music Industry?

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