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song title wanted

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crisgal | 00:31 Thu 16th Jul 2009 | Music
2 Answers
i heard a really cool song on the radio the other evening. Radio 2 I think, it was a lady and accoustic guitar. She was singing something about the grass being greener. I'm afraid that's all I can remember. Not much to go on I know, but I really thought I'd remember more of it.
(I was in someone else's car at the time so only heard a snippet.)


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Not much to go on.
Was it country? rocky? folksy?
Was she american? english? northern?

Was it Kate Rusby - I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love?

Go on, give us a clue.
If you know who's show it was, or which day/what time it was, the Radio 2 website gives tracklistings for all of its shows.

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song title wanted

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