Trumpet dance track early 90's

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Dayne | 18:13 Mon 18th Aug 2008 | Music
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Hi, can anyone help me with a dance track from the early 90's, it was an upbeat trumpet instrumental (no lyrics) on a dance compilation CD. I haven't a clue of the name of the track or the artist, some good I am, lol. I would so appreciate any help on this one as I've been trying to find this track for years now. A cracking upbeat funky trumpet/trombone dance track.

Many thanks for those who are racking their brains !


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Very wild guess with Perfecto Allstars - 'Reach Up' from 1995.
Could it be...?

is it two men a drum machine and a trumpet's 'tired of getting pushed around'? I think that one came out in the late eighties. it was a side project for the two guys out of fine young cannibals who didn't sing

Or. is it Touch and Go's track Would You?
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Thanks you 3, much appreciated, sadly it's none of those, it was less well known (I suspect) than those hits. It was around 1991/2 or maybe 1993 but defo no later. I seem to remember it was on a compilation disc that also had Creation by Stereo MC's on it, but I can't find a link on the net. B*gger !

Thanks again for your help though.
Try these for inspiration:

I hope they're of use.
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Simon, you're a chuffing star !!

It's "All funked up" by Mother. Removed from you tube now but at least I can order the CD it's on.

Thanks matey.
Stephen_G hey thanks, I was also looking for a song and you're suggestion was it! Awesome

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Trumpet dance track early 90's

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