bob marleys death?

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sylviak | 14:42 Tue 31st Aug 2004 | Music
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i heard bob marley died because he hurt his toe lpaying football, the jamaicans never bekieved ib going to doctors so his toe got gangrene and spread all over and killed him. is this really true?


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No....Bob Marley died as the result of a cancerous brain tumor.
but he got toe cancer frist then it spreed to his brain and then it killed him. long live marley, what a geeze
But you are correct about the lack of treatment. Bob Marley was a Rastafarian and they do refuse treatment. I think the cancer he had was only a minor thing which could have been easily treated with little long term effects (well as little as any caner) but as he refused treatment he eventually died.
but would bob marley still be as Famous as he is today if he hadn't died, one thing is sure, we would have a lot more cool music to listen to.
I read an article in the Sunday Times magazine 13/07/04 and his son Ziggy cast doubt on how he died. He also talked about the attempts made on his father's life, so it was very interesting reading. I still have the article by the way.
The general concensus is that marley's stubbed toe did not heal natrually, and after examination, his body was found to have extensive cancer, from which he subsequently died. Marley's legend was already assured as a Rastafarian icon, as well as the musician who almost single-handedly introduced reggae to white audiences. His legend could only have increased if his genius had not been tragically cut short. As with just about any famous person who dies, conspiracy theories abound.
The broadcaster Danny Baker claims that he was the one who caused the footballing injury to Bob Marley that ultimately resulted in his death. Though he may be talking ********.
actually the cancer did not spread to his brain. It spread to like his major organs and the silly man didnt want any medication because rastafarians believe that when there is something wrong with you and you might die that is god's wish and you shoudn't mess with him.He still ruled tho!!

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bob marleys death?

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