Double Earphone Socket/Converter

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Wispy68 | 22:43 Wed 25th Aug 2004 | Music
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I used to have a socket/converter, which would plug into my personal CD player and enable two people to listen to the same CD, each with their own earphones. I would like to buy another one, but haven't had much luck so far. Does anyone know whether they are still made and who sells them? Many thanks!


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Hi Nicola Maplins still sell them heres a link for the site. type RK58N into the product search box and it should show what you require.
sorry link didnt work so here is a working one
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Jack, thank you very much for your quick response. I'm really pleased I'll be able to get hold of another one. I gave my old one to two mates when they went back to New Zealand and thought I'd never see one again!! Cheers.
Belkin makes one marketed as an mp3 player accessory but it should work for most standard music devices. It can be found on and I saw them at Target stores in the USA

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Double Earphone Socket/Converter

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