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Roxy | 22:08 Wed 25th Aug 2004 | Music
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I was just wonering (especially amoungst the younger members of the site), what people's general opinion of bob dylan was, only asking because i was talkiing about him today to my teenage niece and nephews who seemed to have a very low opinion of him. Is that what all of the younger generation think?


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Who's the younger generation? I think he's overrated myself. Done some good stuff, but generally not spectacular. 28 year old's opinion. Do I count as young still?
Although seen as a legend he is the bane of my life he has so many albums and it just takes up all the space in my a-z at work!
I'm seventeen and I grew up with Bob Dylan's music and I absolutely love him
Saw him live in Belfast at the end of June, am a big fan but god was he rubbish!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan is an icon of his time, his legend assured despite occasional ropey output and live shows. I've never been a major fan, but I've always appreciated his influence on artists i do like.
Who's Bob Dylan?! I'm 21 and I have heard of him but could only tell you he sang blowing in the wind but haven't got a clue what else. My dad says that a certain pop star of my time sounds like Bob Dylan but I can't remember for the life of me who it was now... I'll get back to you if it comes to me! I know he's a legend and is totally unappreciated by my generation at least but how are we supposed to like music that we aren't told to listen to? If I was bought up on Dylan's music my opinion might be different. For example, the Beatles are fantastic and I love them but the band was long gone by the time I was born.
I like his early stuff, not heard any later stuff. Lyrically he wrote some good songs but I think Mark Knopfler's style of writing, although similar is much superior.
i have agree with OBonio i also think he is over rated and this is coming from a former dead head

I'm 22. I was also brought up listening to him, by my parents. First off i have to say he is one of my favourite artists of all time.

Secondly, certain songs such as the lonesome death of hattie carroll and who killed davey moore are so politically sensitive and intelligent that i am not sure if any artist will ever surpass this talent in song.

Thirdly, the 1964 live set at the philharmonic hall is one of the best live sets i have ever heard

Fourthly, and tieing in with my last point, anything past 1970 is, in my opinion, not representative of sylan and pales in significance to his early works - hence although i would love to see him now, i have a feeling i may be somewhat disappointed afterwards!!

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