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Reverandfunk | 12:08 Thu 29th Nov 2007 | Music
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Why is there always a new Elvis song at number 16/17 in the charts every week?


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Because it is 30 years since his death and they are re-releasing his back catalogue to get a few more $$$
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I know its based on downloads but it is always the same chart position which sounds extremely bent to me.
The charts are always bent. It's probably the same 5,000 people (or whatever) buying the Elvis stuff each week.
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I know they way the do the charts is dodgy but come on the same position every week lol
Well I guess if Leona Lewis can get to number one with "Bleeding [email protected]" or whatever it's called, then anything can happen :o)
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Think I'll go and listed to umbrella. its me fave.

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Elvis - Radio 1 Chart

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