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in my opinion, the best british band in a long long time

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mucko | 13:00 Tue 06th Apr 2004 | Music
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anyone agree that these four chaps from the big smoke are the most exciting and innovative band around and are set to take the world by storm. I think it would be an injustice if they dont make it big. I introduce you to...............The Libertines. Anyone agree or have an opinion on them?


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Agree, great band...but can they avoid self-destruction?
Question Author
don't think the band has to avoid self destruction, just one member (who incidentally is the heart and soul of the band!) Here's Hoping! Up The Bracket!
Some stuff sounds like The Jam, which is no bad thing. Like the Pete Doherty single too
"Don't look back into the Sun" is a towering cathedral of a song. I love it.
I've just downloaded their Up The Bracket album and it's not too shabby at all. Up the Bracket is a blinding song! I'm looking forward to seeing them at Reading.
Question Author
if anyone is interested (and uses soulseek) they can get ANY libertines song (live or recorded). user name is horrorshow1888
Oh Dear, I think I am going to be the only one here that really hates them. In my opinion they are a very poor version of The Clash. I don't rate them at all.
Question Author
i cant see where people get the comparison with the clash?? probably because they are from the big smoke and micko jones produced the album?

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in my opinion, the best british band in a long long time

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