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Jamaican translation needed

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David H | 00:43 Thu 04th Dec 2003 | Music
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Please could someone translaste the Jamaican patois parts from these lyrics
t7ZgDE%3D to
'Uptown top ranking'. In particular 'Nah pop no style' 'Wine up me waist' 'an t'ing' 'ranking dread' etc. I could have put this on words and phrases, but I had to choose one. The lyrics are far too long to post directly but half are repeated verses.


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"Up town top ranking;" means being the best - 'up town' is the best area of a town, 'top ranking' is the best of whatever is being described. "Wind up me waist" means to dance, - "Gimme little bass let me ..." - bass is the esseintail ingredient in regaae, producing an instict to move to the sound. "Nah pop no style, I strictly roots..." refers to the ladies being true to their Rastafarian origins, pop music is scorned for lack of substance. The phrase " and ting..." is just a conveesational emphisis used in patois. In addition - "See me in me (h) 'alter back, say me giya 'eart attack" refers to the girls' rebellion in wearing halter back tops, showing bare backs and arms which are deemed unsuitable exposure for Rasta women, and would provoke the "'eart attack" in an older devout Rasta who saw them. "See me in me Benz and ting ..." refers to the image of the girls in a Mercedes, driving down Constant Spring, a main thoroughfare in Kingston. Hope this assists.
Sorry, missed one - "rankin' dread" is a Rasta with dreadlocks, a typical Rasta man - their faith forbids the combing or cutting of hair, so they wax and strand it into 'dreadlocks' - a sight to inspire fear into the hearts of non-Rastas.
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Thanks Andy, it was a bit like reading Shakespeare on the original lyric list, I got a rough idea about some of it, but others were quite different to what you expect in translation.
My pleasure - have a good weekend.
Andy is there no end to your talents!!!! :-)

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Jamaican translation needed

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