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pb100191 | 21:12 Tue 23rd Jan 2007 | Music
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Anyone know some sites which give out free ringtones? I went on google but u have 2 pay 4 everything or it's an american site!


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Many sites will proclaim free ringtones etc..Googling it will bring up a host of sites (even pages from the UK)

nothing is free though..subscription charges etc will hit you....thats how these companies make sense in giving them away free is there.
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Sure but - My friend said that she got all her ringtones off a site ans that she would email me it. This was over 5 hours ago so i don't think she will, but if it's not true then why did she say it
You could have a look on Limewire or a similar P2P program. Not sure if you will find exactly what you are looking for though.
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ye but i dnt hav an extension cable 2 attach 2 my gfone - thts y i wanted website!
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With websites you can just send it to your phone and download it from there using WAP. Sorry for earlier messages - I was in a rush, so text-like messages had to be done.
I might be a bit late,but this site is good. You can get ringtones,themes and wallpapers for your mobile.Its a forum and people just post stuff and you download it.all free nothing to pay at all.
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thanks gznm
gznm5050....i have just been onto the site, and how do i download from them? it says about quoting and replying!
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u download it which goes into an MP3 Version onto your computer and then you just connect your mobile to your pc and transfer it.

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