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Robbie Williams Milton Keynes arrival time

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dr john | 16:40 Tue 12th Sep 2006 | Music
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This has been asked before, but not answered as far as I can see, so...any suggestions what arrival time to aim for on Thursday? Gates open at 2.30 but he didn't start at Leeds till after 8. We're in the Inner Sanctum.


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whe i went i got there at about 10am
your find that the IS is a con and doesn't mean that your be in the Golden circle.

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Hi All,

I am going to see the Robster on Thursday too, I am getting there for about 2:30 as would like to see Basement Jaxx, just hope that it does not rain!

I went to Knebworth in 03 and we got there bout 12ish and the time did go quickly as we just kicked back in the sunshine and listened to the bands :o)

So cant wait to see him again!
I am going on the 19th and we don't know what to do for the best really!
Do we get there at 2.30 so we get a good view and wait until Robbie comes on around 8-9 or do we leave it till later on. It makes for such a long day if you sit there from 2.30 and nothing is really happening until the evening. I too would be gratful to hear from anyone who has already been. sorry to hijack your thread dr john.
I went last Friday to Leeds, we arrived at about 10 ish. We were lucky with the weather so we just sat in the sunshine until the gates opened at 2.00pm, then ran like the clappers down a big hill to our spot!!!! It was a long day, but well worth the wait and sore legs the following day. I would suggest to anyone who is going to see him to go as soon as physically possible, because when I watched Sat nights show on sky I just was gobsmacked at just how lucky we had been to get soooo close!! I too am a member of the IS and this means nothing really, but we were just behind the barrier after the Golden Circle lucky lot?!?!
I'm going on 19th as well, with a friend who isn't keen on the beautiful one!

we are leaving home at about 9am once she has dropped son off at school, I have no clue where to park for the best, what time we might get there or anything!!

Its all soooooo exciting lol
see ya there Briar!!!!!!! I am going with my sister in law and she is the big Robbie fan, not me although i am very excited and think it will certainly go down as one of the best nights ever!!!! He is such an excellent showman that he cant fail to entertain you!!!! scuse the pun!!!!

We also went to soccer aid in May and he was fantastic that night. the crowd went wild everytime he even came near the ball! I don't know what it is, but he's got something!
he can have me if he wants!!!

I am worried if it rains as my mate will be whining and whinging and moaning all day if it does.

I may top her up with alcohol and tell her to shut the heck up! I'll pickle her for the day!
LOL sounds a good idea to me!!!!!
Hi Dr John, I am going on the 19th and don't know what time to go, I saw him at Milton keynes 5 years ago and got there just as the support was finishing (had been in the pub) and was most surprised as we got a brilliant spot, I think I might get there alot earlier this year though and pass the time drinking smuggled in voddy and lemonade, I am going with my bestest friend and we are never short of conversation so I don't think it will be a problem. The last time I saw him it rained but I was very prepared with a black binliner in my bag (very sexy). I did not notice it raining though as I think I was just mesmerised watching the most sexiest man alive perform at the greatest show I had ever seen.

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Robbie Williams Milton Keynes arrival time

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