Not received Robbie tickets yet!!

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PinkFizz | 17:28 Thu 07th Sep 2006 | Music
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Is anybody else going to see Robbie Williams and not got their tickets yet? I am going on 15th September to Milton Keynes,but still nothing,not even the trackinh email! I have rang customer service who say to call back on monday if they still haven't arrived but I am panicking now!


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So am I!! Have got tickets for Friday 15th which I have swapped with someone for Tuesday 19th as I will be on holiday next week - but I am sweating as I need to get the tickets sent out to her before she sends me mine!

The Robbie website says that all tickets for MK have been sent out but that is a blatant lie as I haven't got my tracking email yet. I also called and they said to start worrying if they haven't arrived by Tuesday. Cutting it a bit fine.....:o(
There was something on Radio1 earlier about this. Check the radio1 website. There's a link to get the MK customer services phone number. Why anyone would want to pay good money to watch the fat dancer out of take that is beyond me, but I hope you get sorted out!! Enjoy!
I wouldn't worry about it, his latest single was such a terrible flop, the concert will be rubbish any way.
I have tickets for the 19th at Milton Keynes.

Starting to worry now that I have knock off tickets if no one else has them.
Hi Pinkfizz, I am going on the 19th Sept and have recieved my tickets, I would definately try and get in touch with them.
Good luck, fingers crossed for you.

I wonder if we will walk passed each other Briar!
Hi, don't know if its any help but i went to the glasgow concert last saturday and didnt get my tickets until the Tuesday before.

P.s - concert was amazing! Enjoy it!
I paid �25 to join the Inner Sanctum fan site so I would have hoped that our tickets were sent out first....obviously not!
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Hi guys - I have rang Customer Service today who say there isnt a problem and they are being posted out by region.If I havent had them by Monday I am to call back but I am NOT happy as they have had my money since last nivember!!!!! Agggghhhhhhh!!!!!!
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auntiebertie - I also paid to join the Inner Sanctum !! Fat lot of good that did me!!
i got mine this morning for MK on Thursday i paid through inner sanctum they probably will come tomorrow
orangelady who knows!!! If you wear something outrageous I might notice!

I am already wondering what time to set off so that I don't get stuck in traffic!

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Not received Robbie tickets yet!!

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