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Black solo artists

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Stav | 15:42 Fri 09th May 2003 | Music
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Why can't black 'solo' artists make a record on their own anymore? Almost all of the most recent ones have been them collaberating with others. Are they not capable of thinking of hits by themselves?


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I guess that they reach more people (the other person's fans), or if they are less well known it might be the easiest way to get their song heard.
To be honest, a lot of so-called 'solo' artists rely on others - it's just that the black artists - by which I'm assuming you mean hip-hop, R&B chart stuff etc. - credit their guest. For example, Robbie Williams used to work with Guy Chambers, Madonna and William Orbit/Mirwais/whoever. It's just that she wouldn't release her stuff as 'William Orbit featuring Madonna, some guitarist, etc. Futhermore, the point about appealing to more fans is true, but also, hip-hop arose from MCs just rapping together with their backing (I know it's much more than this but I'm making a point), and so you get featured artists coming together to give their two cents (or 50 cents!).

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Black solo artists

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