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ktlou | 15:50 Mon 03rd Jul 2006 | Music
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Help! I just got a new phone and want to get the Twisted Nerve (Kill Bill) MP3 ringtone for it! I've heard a lot of people with this ringtone and love it, but I can't find it anywhere! Is it because it's not a real ringtone and they've just used the actual song and put it as their ringtone? Or am I just looking in the wrong place! I googled it! My phone is Samsung D800! Any help appreciated! Thanks!


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Sorry! I'd love to help with the ringtone version but i can't! I'd recommend one of the cd software packages! The one that comes with the cable to connect your phone to your computer! Then you can put any mp3 you want on your phone and use it as your ringtone! Sorted!

Or you could buy a 'bluetooth dongle'

It plugs into your USB port and you can transfer any MP3 files to your phone.
You need to get cable to connect phone to computer then u can upload mp3 (u need software disc too) see this link this is all you need sb-data-cable-kit-plus-softwareringtones-p-185 2.html
I love Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann too! Quentin Tarantino definitely knew what he was doing putting all of these songs to the movie:)
I googled the ringtone as well and couldn't find a good version for me so I just used a ringtone maker and cut the melody myself. You could try this too, it's not as hard as it may seem. It can be found at
The program is free by the way:)

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MP3 Ringtone

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