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Football song name that tune

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gorses | 00:52 Sat 01st Apr 2006 | Music
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This is annoying the hell out of me.

Many moons ago I heard a song on the Peel show - the band sounded like the wedding present maybe it is them? - the song lyric was like a football match commentary - the chorus was something like ' pass to strachen, 1-0 ' then '2-0','3-0' etc. I think the game described was a Man Utd game. Searched the net to no avail. Not much to go on I know.



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It might have been 'Strachan' by The Hitchers.

Lyrics near the bottom of the page here:

Somewhat amazed to hear this on the radio today! Gideon Coe played it on 6Music at 12.45 today. It'll be on the Listen Again part of the website for a week.

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Football song name that tune

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