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"Life On Mars" music (again)

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ScreaminTree | 10:49 Tue 24th Jan 2006 | Music
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They seem to have a "featured 70's band" on the soundtrack every week.

I didn't recognise the tune at the very end, and over the final credits? Was it Uriah Heep again (they had some earlier on)?

Many thanks.



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Well i heard some SWEET.Blockbuster and Ballroom blitz and some FREE.Wishin Well and some CREAM.

I hope this helps

Question Author

Thanks marquisdesad - appreciate the response.

I heard those too, but I don't think this was by any of those 3 artists, as I'm a massive fan of all of them. In fact, The Sweet are the most underrated band ever!

I'm not overly familiar with Uriah Heep, who I've always found spectacularly dirgey but, perhaps because of this, some of their stuff really hits that Stoner G-spot!

Any other responses gratefully received. And I'm referring to the 23/1 episode (last night) just to be clear.

according to the bbc website,the music used for that episode were as follows.

ballroom blitz--sweet

gypsy --uriah heep

wishing well--free

head in the sky--atomic rooster.

Question Author

sheffwed39, you beauty. Never thought of checking out Duh.

I shall do that in in future and never darken this site with questions about the music on "Life On Mars" again.

Many thanks!!

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"Life On Mars" music (again)

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