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Top Of The Pops

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renegadefm | 23:00 Sun 17th Dec 2023 | Music
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Is it just me, or isn't it time the BBC brought back Top Of The Pops?




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You are just hankering after your youth, as we all do from time to time.

I have made the mistake of buying videos and dvds of tv series that I used to love - only to realise just how bad they were.

Young people don't watch mainstream tv and they can watch as many YouTube vids of their music heroes as they like, whenever they like, without the creepy radio DJ

TOTP was very much of it's time. It was a world before Youtube and MTV, so often it was the only way to see your favourite pop stars short of going to see them live. With streaming having destroyed the relevance of the top forty, I don't see an audience for a chart-based tv show. 

Something more along the lines of The Tube or TFI Friday would be a better fit. Jools Holland fills the space left by Whistle Test, but there's nothing for a younger audience.

BTW, I've been on Whistle Test as well  :)

TOTP is dead, never to return.

The entire music industry has changed beyond all recognition in the last 20 years. Bands/groups would fall over themselves to appear on the show; interrupting tours/recording schedules to do so, as it was the most certain way of getting their 'brand' noticed by the great British record-buying public.

Now there are myriad ways of bring your music to the masses and there are numerous different 'charts', each for a different genre/subset of music.

I would welcome a music show based on the most popular tunes in any/all of these charts but suspect it would have to be largely video-based. And if it couldn't be presented by some cheesy middle-aged 'disc-jockeys' that would be even betterer.

There are plenty of tv channels playing current chart music 24/7.  I don't watch them so don't know if they are any goid

To be honest, I think the TOTP brand itself is also tainted by some of the seedier goings on that happened in the past.

JTH is quite right, something more aligned to The Chart Show might work better. Or even a Juke Box Jury type thing where you can play and critique the new releases before they make the charts.

I'm afraid the vast majority of music released currently is mostly not to my taste so I wouldn't watch a modern TOTP. I can find all I need on select television channels and YouTube. 

Question Author

So is this the end of music as we know it?

It seems such a shame that the popularity of music has dropped off the side of a cliff, that we can't even have a music program to celebrate the music we have. 

So it sounds over dramatic to say, but has the music really died? 

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