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Most Annoying Christmas Song And Why?

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emily1890 | 23:02 Sat 25th Nov 2023 | Music
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We've all got one, because it's overplayed, or because it's catchy for the wrong reasons, or what ever.


I had a hard time choosing from All I want for christmas is you by mariah carey (Seriously overplayed), Last Christmas by Wham (again, seriously overplayed), or fairytale of newe york by the pogues- and sadly, that last one used to be my favourite


Ever since they replaced the lyrics with you cheap lousy carrot, it just doesn't sound right- and now, on MTV Christmas, the version they play.. well, the second verse just sounds like a cd skipping- and I'm thinking just either cut the song, or play it how it was  intended 



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You can blame Elvis Costello for Fairytale of New York.  It was written after he bet Shane MacGowan and Jem Finer that they couldn't come up with a Christmas song that's not at all slushy.  I think they succeeded!

I saw George Michael sing Last Christmas at Wembley Arena, Christmas 2006.  That was pretty amazing because he didn't normally sing Wham songs. Also Saw Eurythmics sing The Miracle Of Love in front of illuminated christmas trees at London Arena (circa, whatever it was)

Agree Barmaid, but I liked the Pogues.  I think it's one of the most popular Christmas songs.  I also love this.  Another song that came out at Christmas time but not about Christmas.


I think the FTONY lyric was changed to "you're cheap and you're haggard", but I agree anything apart from the original doesn't sound right. 

I can't bear the one that starts "IT'S CHRIIIISTMAAAS!" Slade?

Huge royalties involved in Christmas songs - Jem Finer probably lives in The Bahamas or Switzerland; and if he doesn't, he could.

Same with Jonah Louie's perennial Christmas hit. It's not really a Christmas song, but it has that one line "I wish I could be home for Christmas", and Louie never has to work again. 

The most annoying Christmas song, im my most humble, honest and unbiased (can't stand the man) opinion, is Shakin' Stevens' 'Merry Christmas Everyone'. The chorus is sung no less than 5 times and what i assume is the 'bridge' (we're gonna have a party tonight, etc) is sung twice. I honestly believe that the word 'monotonous' was only invented after he had released this dross.

Did i mention i can't stand the man?

Most of those already mentioned

but I do like Fairytale in New York

Bing Crosby, white Christmas. Done to death and then some.

All i want for Christmas, i loathe.

Oh, for shame, Barmaid.




All of them. From October onwards!

Give it a rest!!!

Got to be Mariah Carey for me, not keen on her style of singing. Don't know the lady so I can't say I don't like her - just her singing! 

I agree Roo, she's one of the screechie ladies .   

Fairytale in New York beats everything.  Original words essential.  And forgetting the words, the music is just great.  Love it.

I hate it.  I like happy at Christmas - and that's downright miserable.  A dirge.

You can't call the jolly music played by the group a dirge surely Naomi.  The initial music maybe but when the band breaks out........



Go to 1.27 ;0)

Stop the cavalry!

Wish they blooming would!!!

Played the avoid 'last Christmas' game with some friends. 'died' yesterday as they played Christmas songs at the card making workshop non stop.  Those of us already out are starting the 'spaceman  came travelling' round. Might have a chance of surviving into the second week of December with that one.

Oh yes, Rowan.  And that Snowman one.... Walking in the Air.   I'd much rather jig around the supermarket to Wizzard or Slade!  Cheesy - but jolly.  That'll do for me.

Many moons ago I was a group of very inebriated girls trying to sing walking in the air.... Finally ended up with one going.. "F### it's hard enough walking on bloody heels"

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Most Annoying Christmas Song And Why?

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