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How Do You Guys Rate My Song And Vocals?

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sheminith | 22:04 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | Music
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I wrote it for my rock band hence sounds heavy despite being acoustic. I'm not the singer in band but be great to get some unbiased thoughts on song and vocals in particular :);dl=0



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Listened to about half way. Intro seemed a slightly long and repetative to me, but then it picked up ok.


Vocals: your voice seemed fine to me. A little hesitant in places but again you got inyo it.  I heard no major issues. I have trouble following lyrics as they go by unless I've heard them umpteen times and know what to expect. Posting them for the listerer to follow as it plays, might help.



Unsure what to say aside from that. It's fine as far as I'm any judge.

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Appreciate the feedback thank you 

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How Do You Guys Rate My Song And Vocals?

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