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Singing The Blues

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Hazlinny | 14:20 Fri 13th Oct 2023 | Music
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Hi folks ... anyone like to join me in Singing the Blues?  I don't really feel blue but just wonder how many song titles there are out there with blue/s in the title?  I'll kick off with the obvious one .....  



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Blue Guitar

Question Author

^^got it Squitty by clicking on "Watch on you Tube"

I like it. x

Andrea Corr with a bautiful version of a Lou Reed song.

Pale Blue Eyes


try another - this one from marillion

does it count if the word blue just exists in my head ..

Question Author

16.54  Fish from Marillion lives in next town to me- think he does song-writing now?

If blue is in your head, that's fine🤣

thanks hazlinny - can I finally muck up your thread properly with this one..  the first time I heard it I found it vewy funny - grown up now though.(bit of an intro)



Question Author

When I'm feeling blue - Travis.

Well, that's been a nice way of passing the afternoon - thanks to all who contributed.  I'll do some catching up with the songs later 😘

I prefer proper Blues singers(i.e.Elmore James,Robert Johnson,et al)compared to these plastic,pretendy"Blues"singers,haz.

Question Author

Whatever, Ynna  ..I wasn't really looking for Blues singers just songs with the word "blue/s in" them.  I am no expert!

Blue on blue, heartache on heartache


Haz, thanks for posting Rhapsody in Blue, that's my favourite version xx

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Singing The Blues

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