I dont Know who sings this song and what it is called

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angelbaby530 | 23:47 Fri 30th Dec 2005 | Music
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I wanted to find out who sings this song that was Featured on One Tree Hill. In episode:In search for something more. This episode is when Peyton and Brooke go to a party and Some guy named Gabe slips something into Peyton's drink.

Can someone help me?

The song plays in the background when Lucas breaks into Gabe's room and asks him what did he put into Peyton's drink.

If someone knows please tell me who sings it this is all i know from what i heard:

Take It away, Take,take it all away

and this is another part i heard

Tell me,Tell me im wrong...



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I dont Know who sings this song and what it is called

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