Who Remembers Mott The Hoople

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fender62 | 18:09 Sat 04th Jun 2022 | Music
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listening again to the mott album, wow they were good.


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I do. All the young dudes.
Top band.
// Originally known as the Doc Thomas Group, the group changed their name after signing with Island Records in 1969. //
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i do know bowie had a hand in it, dudes track etc, bit what a great album...jeez im old or wow, all i can say...
They were good in their early days, before their name change, too ;-)
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i see im not alone with great music..rock on all
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put that music on and raise a glass to our queen, than you mam.

I saw them in '73 / 74 and they were supported by ... Queen
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Buenchico, thanks..thats cool, when visiting the u.s i seen ian hunter was surreal, american beer is a bit ermm

I've Ian Hunter a couple of times, also one of Mott the Hoople's reunion gigs in 2019, Hunter, Ariel Bender and Luther Grovesnor plus a backing band. Pure nostalgia.
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drmorgans, love more, what was it like.
// saw them in '73 / 74 and they were supported by ... Queen //

…..Hammersmith Odeon?

Wolverhampton Civic Hall
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wow, i remember seeing quo, thye were like bottom of the list, colston long ago, didnt think much of them very samey, thought slade were great...
Brian May is on record as saying that Mott The Hoople were a big influence on Queen.
Regards Bowie, the story has it that MTH were the verge of calling it a day until he persuaded them to carry on, 'Dudes' for them.
I saw MTH in London in '72 and they were supported by a prog-rock band called 'Home', who quickly became one of my favourite bands. Sadly they only made 3 albums.
One of the bonus tracks on one of their albums is this very 'Hoople-ish' tune;

The height of glam-rock. Didn't know Queen but they were confident and going places and had some great songs even then, Seven Seas of Rye etc. Mott the Hoople played all their hits and did a mock fight during Violence, a bit cheesy. A brilliant night.
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Ken4155, cool olders, or new originals lol, remember, bring on the memories...remember, what was that place in london..jeez i forget, deep me here
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