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Awww heck, no. One of my favourite groups.Thanks for the trip Dusty - RIP (don't let them cut the beard off up there).
Seemed like a full and happy life on his own terms, about all you could ask for. :-(
RIP Dusty - a gem of a Rough Boy. I remember a great concert at Wembley Arena - memorable night.
If Mamya does her Night Night Song tonight we might throw in some of his stuff.
Very sad indeed.

Fine musician, fine band, fine beard.
Was just about to post this myself. One of the best rock bassists of his generation.

Sleep well Dusty.
RIP Dusty.
Sad news indeed. RIP Dusty.
zz top blasting and few beers, makes you laugh and grin...
very tight music, but seemingly loose, i just go wow, and you
can't help but tap your foot to it, so many good songs..
i gotsta get paid, rough boy, my head's in mississippi.. and of course
all there hits, respected bassist indeed, r.i.p dusty at the last saloon.
Is sad Tony when someone you admire dies .
"Jesus just left Chicago... and he's bound for New Orleans........"

Brings an end to ZZ Tops record of being the longest-running band in the world with the same line-up.
RIP Dusty :o(

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Dusty Hill

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