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tiggerblue10 | 17:02 Wed 09th Jun 2021 | Music
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You Make My Dreams is instantly recognisable as a song used on many ads but it apparently never charted. She's Gone is one of my all time favourite songs but I don't think it was a hit in the UK.

Can you think of any other recognisable songs, possibly B-sides, that never charted?


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Elton John, Tiny Dancer only got to 70 in the UK charts.
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Ah yes! Tiny Dancer. For some reason that song doesn't appeal to me but sometimes if a song is used in a film it gains popularity.
Taxi or Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin.
We Will Rock You

B-side of 'We Are the Champions' which was a hit of course, but only a cover version by Five of the song in its own right actually charted.
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I just listened to both of those tracks, Mushroom but they don't sound familiar to me. We're they featured anywhere like an ads, show or film?
Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice - B-side of God Only Knows
I am a huge H & A fan, and I interviewed them for Melody Maker back in the 80's.

It was when the papers made a huge deal of Daryl Hall dating Christie Brinkley who had just split up with Billy Joel.

Turns out, not only were they not dating, he had never met her!!

He was on tour with his girlfriend Sara Allen (as in Sara Smile) and she was sitting next to him on the tour bus as we talked.

As Daryl confirmed, he and Sara had been living together for twelve years, and she would probably know if he had started dating a super model.

The Express had telephoned H & A's PR to confirm the story, and were told that it was not true - they printed it anyway.

That's why I'm happy not to be a tabloid journalist - I write about music, and I don't lie!!!
Bowie- Changes?
Elton John- Benny & Jets (well just scraped into top 40)
Johny Cash- Ring of Fire
Stairway to Heaven
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So lucky, Andy! I had a bit of a crush on Daryl Hall years ago.

Some very well known tracks listed :o)
tigger - // So lucky, Andy! I had a bit of a crush on Daryl Hall years ago. //

He's a seriously handsome man - how i envied him his hair (and his partner!!!)
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He had a bit of a lion's mane thing going on back then.
>>> I just listened to both of those tracks, Mushroom but they don't sound familiar to me

Really? The cover version of 'Cats in the Cradle', by Ugly Kid Joe, reached number 7 in the UK charts in 1993, so the song is far from unknown. (It's one of those songs that instantly gets me reaching for the Off button though!).

Hall & Oates were one of those bands who never really had the success in the UK they did in the States. Daryl Hall has a seriously great voice, the epitome of a "Blue-Eyed Soul" singer.

As for instantly recognisable non-charting songs, the entire Lad Zeppelin catalogue, as they never released singles in the UK (until well after they broke up as a band), or of a similar feel to the already mentioned Elton John and Harry Chapin songs, Billy Joel's Piano Man was never successful in the UK.
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I still don't remember that, Chris. Maybe it just didn't appeal to me or I didn't hear it often.

Piano Man is a great song.
Check this out, Tigger. It's one of my favourite YouTube vids ;-)

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Now that's one talented kid :o)

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