Uptown top rankin - what are they on about ?

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kahunabean | 13:03 Wed 11th Sep 2002 | Music
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Can anyone tell me the meaning (roughly is fine) of any or all of the lyrics to the brilliant 'Uptown Top Ranking' ? e.g. 'No pop no style - we strictly rooooots' is about styles of reggae, right ? *he asked nervously/naively*


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Althea and Donna's pop reggae classic pokes gentle fun at the more orthodox attitudes of Rastafarianism, whilst confirming that they are still "strictly roots" - true to their origins. "See me in me heels and ting ..." means that the girls are observed dressed to go out - uptown top ranking means going to town to show off. "See me in a 'alter back, Sey mi gi'ya 'eart attack ..." is reference to wearing a halter back top, popular in the 1970's and showing far more female flesh than is deemed appropriate for Rastafarian women, hence the 'heart attack' reaction. "See me in mi Benz and ting, Drivin' through Constant Spring..." refers to driving in a Mercedes down Constant Spring, a main thoroughfare in Kingston. Later, they refer to wearing ".. me khaki suit and ting..." meaning that they can dress as deemed suitable. If for nothing esle, we should appreciate the pure pop sound of this record, and the fact that it deposed 'Mull Of Kintyre' from its apparently permanent residence at the top of the charts!
Ah yes, I get it now, They're dressed up to the nines and driving through Jamaica in a Benz 'and ting and flashing a bit of flesh! There's one line I had trouble with - Gimme likkle bass make me wine up me waist. Obviously bass, yes I get that, but what's whine up me waist? Are have they been on the el vino? Someone must know what itmeans??
It's 'Wind up me waist ..." - it means to dance.

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Uptown top rankin - what are they on about ?

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