Santana Or Fleetwood?

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spathiphyllum | 11:51 Fri 10th May 2019 | Music
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Black magic woman original


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Santana x
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I've always been confused about this, i thought it was wrote by the one and only Peter Green.
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I could have sworn it was also on a fleetwood album.. English rose i think but not sure if this was after Santana released a version
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Mac, then Santana about two years later. You're right, spath.
According to Wikipedia the otiginal was by Fleetwood Mac, 2 years before Santana had a hit with it.
Both brilliant guitarists. Is Green still alive? (save me googling)
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Yeah he's 72
he's still with us, amazingly ...
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After all dat LSD
Question Author
"he's still with us, amazingly ...

LOL he's alive but aint sure he's totally with us ;) He had quite an episode with mental illness and drugs.
That is surprising. Don't think I've heard anything about him since that business in Germany.
Oooooh I thought you were asking for preferences, sorry my bad :(
Is this song about a woman who’s into black magic? Or a black woman whose just into magic. If it’s Haiti, I suppose it could be both.

Santana, BTW.
Or maybe a lady of any colour who just happens to like Black Magic chocolates?
Went to see Peter Green and the Splinter group some years ago. It was shambolic. He had to be led on stage. The group had a backup guitarist, when Green went off on one, he was turned down and the other guitarist took over. I walked out.
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"Is this song about a woman who’s into black magic? Or a black woman whose just into magic."

I think it's the former, a woman who’s into black magic.
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I like the green version, it's a bit more bluesy
I saw Peter Green at one of the first of his 'comeback' gigs back in the 1980's, and interviewed him afterwards for a guitar magazine.

He played BMW, of course, and when the roof was duly raised, he smiled and advised that he didn't know there were so many Santana fans in the room!

I have always adored the Santana version because Santana Abraxas was the very first album I bought, and played it to death, and it remains one of my fave albums ever.

Mr Green was very modest, I tried to assure him that he was a guitar hero to millions, and he refused to have it, not out of the typical annoying faux modesty that English people have drilled into them as children, but because he genuinely felt he didn't deserve that level of adoration.

Of course, if you can write songs like Black Magic Woman, then you do deserve it - and he does!!

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Santana Or Fleetwood?

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