What Is Your Biggest Guilty Pleasure Song/artist/band?

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MM305 | 06:18 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | Music
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Now, don't make this post about me because it is made for you folks! If you do not have a guilty pleasure, just say so or don't answer. Otherwise, don't feel scare to share your guilty pleasure(s) here (I won't judge criticize you, I promise. I already have too many flaws and guilty pleasures to even have the gall to judge/criticize/make fun of someone).

Here are the things that can count as a guilty pleasure:

1) Something you felt uneasy/negative about at first, but then ended up liking for some reason.

2) Something that would lead to physical (as well as verbal/mental) assaults no matther how much you try to defend/ignore

3) An interest that you know is flawed/has its faults, yet you like it because you can't help such a feeling. For example, a song with full racial/sexist lyrics. You may be aware that the song is heavily flawed for its sexual/racial lyrics, and end up thinking “Damn, they are right about this criticism", but you can't stop listening to it! (I could also use Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video as an example for males, because such a "seemingly" objeciifying video may still get males sexually aroused to the point of wanting more of it.

4) Liking something that is “out of character/different in personality and approach" compare to yourself. Like this metal guy who admits to liking some pop acts!

5) You are the minority of a fan base that is filled with your opposite gender (like a male liking Justin Bieber/1D/Taylor Swift/boy bands/etc.)


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MM305, I've just looked up your profile and there seems to be a bit of a theme going on amongst your previous questions:) would you care to tell us your guilty pleasure?

As you asked the question first, I'll tell you mine. I quite like Coldplay and James Blunt. You tell, now...
M y guilty pleasure?

Feeling good when I help someone.
Question Author
waterboatman - Where is the guilt in doing that?

Cloverjo - I do not want this post to be about me (I think everyone else is sick of that too). Plus, I do not want to risk turning you folks into the bullies who constantly assault me for listening to these things as a straight male in his 20s.

I'll risk making more bullies for me or making you folks feel guilty for insulting me.
I've no wish to insult you MM, or anyone else really.

You're right, there is no guilt in it. I just like to help, if I can, when someone needs a hand.
Question Author
Well...At least I'm online, so I CAN actually avoid the insults that may come here,

Anyways, among my main flaws/regrets/guilty pleasures, my BIGGEST one goes to a girly/cutesy Japanese pop idol group - Momoiro Clover Z

Here is a clip of them, but I must warn you: Your eyes and ears may get really turned off by this, so click with caution:
Question Author
Now again, don't make this post be about me, its about you folks.
I play this at least 9 times everyday.

I thought this had been covered fully previously on numerous very similar threads under this and another slightly different user name (that was zapped?).
I am not sure why you (okay it's not about you) or anyone should feel guilty about liking any music.
My guilty pleasure is Mr Kipling Elf cakes. As someone who has never really eaten cakes it's a very big deal...
Question Author
Fiction-factory — I just listed 5 reasons why. Plus,not everyone is able to avoid the assaults they get.
I have this on a loop - I have very understanding neighbours. Enjoy your pleasures.

I love swearing. I don't do it a great deal but when I do because I think the person has well and truly deserved it, I really really enjoy it and then I don't care who knows, including the target :)

You bear a striking reseblance to this poster, 'MEMicster01' who was (and still is) suspended in 2015.
1. Thought 'In The Navy' by The Village People was complete pants....but there again, is a top tune ☺

2. Anybody who criticises The Village People.

3. Oh....see answer to No. 1, but include the promo video.

4. The Village People again...yay!

5. In my yoof, I would pretend to like and see Shakin' Stevens, only to be near the 'opposite gender', as you say, to's called being crafty.

Footnote: The Village People are a close second btw.
Oh...and I detest homophobic people.

Like who you like, has no barriers... just enjoy the experience.
I don't feel guilty about my music choices. Why should I?
Neither do I, you probably can tell from my above tongue in cheek post......diversity IS the spice of life, been playing all styles and genres of music to people/crowds, since I was 16 years old, some 35 years, and play every day now, on radio or gigging all over the world. Music is my life basically.....and I get so much pleasure from it, there should be no guilt to what you like and is your taste.
I just got back from Las Vegas with my wife, celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary this year and we saw Celine Dion, Diana Ross, Elton John, Santana and loads more during our two weeks there, who were all stunningly polished shows and brilliant, so there's diversity alright.
(Didn't think I'd enjoy Celine Dion..but...she was absolutely smashing)

Liking Justin Bieber does not make you gay....and if it did who cares?
Question Author
Woofgang -It’s more about being assaulted for being associated with such an artist (especially as an adult male).

But enough about me...what is your guilty pleasure? Or do you not have one?
Question Author
yogi-bear - I'll take it that you that it's okay for a grown male to listen to girly/cutesy little girls?


2) "Anybody who criticises The Village People" - What does that mean? Do fans attack the critics/haters?

3) "see answer to No. 1, but include the promo video. " - But you say you liked it now, so doesn't that mean you think it has no flaws? Because I'm talking about liking something whle STILL seeing/believing the flaws it has.

4) "The Village People again...yay!" - What does that mean? Are they out of your usual preference when it comes to music? (look at the video I posted, it supposed to show a metal critic who likes music that are not from that genre)
Not sure if I actually agree on your definition of guilty pleasure. It’s generally regarded as liking something
/someone that others may be surprised by. Absolutely nothing bad at all.

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