Been Asked To Provide Music For A Gaelic Event.

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jourdain2 | 22:50 Sun 28th Feb 2016 | Music
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Hi, our little (10 of us) singing group of enthusiastic amateurs - not that most of us are inexperienced choristers - has been asked to provide 2 or 3 songs for a church event (not necessarily religious, it's an offshoot).

Obviously there is 'A Gaelic Blessing', but I could do with some ideas for the others (I suggested 'Donald where's yer troosers', but it didn't go down well).

Easily learned ideas gratefully received, thanks. :)


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‘S i Mòrag, possibly?

(If that's not to your taste, there are a further four songs available from the links in the left-hand column. They all come with instructions to help you learn them).
Whiskey in the jar.
Question Author
I like the idea of 'Whiskey in the jar'. S I Morag sounds achievable, thanks both, I'll investigate further tomorrow. :)
Is it Gaelic Irish you're looking for? Traditional songs or Irish Language songs
One of my favourites is MacCrimmon's Lament, written after the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. There's a great version of Barbara Dickson singing it on YouTube, and the original Gaelic lyrics are easily found online
that's lovely brainiac
You could also try: - lots to choose from there. All this is making me homesick!
.....oh, and for anyone out there interested in Scottish Gaelic music, check out the recordings of Julie Fowlis. Beautiful
Caledonia is a nice song, The Massacre of Glencoe is haunting and, of course, Flower of Scotland.

Look at music by Runrig and Gaberlunzie / the Corries.

hHow about something from Clannad
Clannad are Irish!
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Well, thank you all, some super ideas you've given me. I had thought about 'Flower of Scotland' already, it would be
nice to do one Scottish and one Irish . :) xx
Brainiac,Erse or the native Irish language is one of the forms of the Gaelic tongue
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That's lovely, Jordyboy, I'll pass it on for consultation. By the way, some people seem to think that I am your alter ego so I get posts marked Jordy!
Sorry, we'll sort it out eventually, I daresay:0) x
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Something wrong with the timing on these posts, I definitely listened to Jordyboy's suggestion before posting and the times would suggest that I couldn't have. Weird.

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Been Asked To Provide Music For A Gaelic Event.

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