Need names to songs (played all time in Marmaris)

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pollyanna | 22:04 Sat 30th Jul 2005 | Music
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There are several songs that everyone played in marmaris - please can someone tell me the titles

"you turn me on you set me free theres no place i would rather be" - dance tune

"holding and kissin me baby, huggin and feeling me baby, for you is beating my heart" (woman singing it)

and any other marmaris visitors out there know of any other songs reply away hehe



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colours abd domino "hold me and kiss me" is the second on.. the first is going to annoy me, because i think i know it!
I know the song you're looking for (the first one) - I've been looking for the same and have just found it.

Musikk feat. John Rock - Summer Lovin' :D

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Need names to songs (played all time in Marmaris)

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