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Track Playing On Death In Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

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Bellini | 19:57 Wed 17th Apr 2013 | Music
5 Answers
Hi All

Just catching up on Death In Paradise season 1 and I would like to know the song playing in the background. Its episode 8 and Inspector Poole and Camille are questioning a rasta in his doorway. It's a reggae track playing in the background but I can't make out who it is.

Any help would be great!


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Got a link, perchance?
Question Author
Can't find a link to it and nothing on youtube...
How far into the episode is it, we might be able to find it on Youtube.
Question Author
It is exactly 22.16 into the episode, I've tried to Shazam it but there's too much dialogue so it won't pick up
Right, we just have to find a site that has the episodes.

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Track Playing On Death In Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

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