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Pink Floyd night

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scotman | 09:17 Fri 07th Oct 2011 | Music
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Hi all

Not a question

Just to remind everyone about the Pink Floyd marathon on BBC 6 Music tonight. Starts at 7:00 pm.


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Thanks. I was obsessed by DSOTM in the early 70s- I used to get up early and listen to it before I did my paper round- and it still sounds great now
Love Pink Floyd :-)
Watched it before, and will watch it again.

I think David Gilmour is one of the most beautiful men in rock.
Same Andy....I dream about him :-)
Syd Barrett - genius. sadly missed.
You've watched it before, andy?
I can't get pictures on my radio, but it sounds good
>>>>You've watched it before, andy?

They did have a Pink Floyd night on BBC3 or BBC4 (TV channels) a few weeks ago.

Maybe he is thinking of that.
Not to be missed
I was thinking about the TV evening, and not reading scotman's post properly!

Apologies all.
It's okay Andy, I guessed you were refrring to the BB$ prog.
I really enjoyed the bit where someone was taking apart some of the studio tapes of their recordings of their tracks and explaining how they'd put each bit together. Fascinating
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I thought this was mostly a good set of programmes. I stuck with it, and recorded it, up to 1:00 am.
Will listen again in smaller chunks.
Love Pink Floyd/Roger Waters, has to be said Syd era was before my time and never got into it but backtracked to DSOTM and like everything from then.
Shame I won't be able to see the shooting stars at the same time as listening.... that would have been great timing.

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Pink Floyd night

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