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I need help to find name of the song which is electronic music

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TheArmyOfOne | 20:11 Tue 29th Mar 2005 | Music
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I need help finding out artist and name of the track that I got from my friend who was given the track by someone he forgotten. In other words I have a track and don't know the name of it or who wrote it. It is in mp3 format and 3.33 min long. It is and electronic music that I would say you would love to listen when you drive your car on the high way. I don't know if I can upload a track here or what to do please help me out.

This is link to download 30 sec beginning of the song


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..I listened to it but sorry I have no idea, why dont you try that mobile phone service where you dial the number and then play a bit of the music then they text you with the answer...err I forgotten what it's called though...err...?? anyone?
You're thinking of Shazam. Dial 2580 hold your mobile phone near to the source of the music. Do not hang up,,,,,they text you with the artist and title. I've tried it dozens of times and it's never wrong.
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Thanks for helping out but I'm in US and the number you told me to dial doesn't work. Is there any other number?

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I need help to find name of the song which is electronic music

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