Comme Ils Disent.

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Atheist | 18:56 Thu 06th Jun 2019 | CD's, DVD's, Videos
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Any fans of chansons francais. Aznavour at his best. "Comme ils disent." I don't know how to link this, but should be findable. If not, maybe tell me how to link. Hope there's a soul or two who can appreciate his genius. Best wishes.


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Thanks, Scorpio. I'm a fan of you from now on.
Ta ;-)
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I believe that Aznavour wasn't gay, but he was an artist and wrote and sang this song about a transvestite entertainer who was gay.
>>> Any fans of chansons francais


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Oh, Buen! He was Belgian. I'm not familiar with his work other than Ne me quitte pas, and Porte d'Amsterdam (David Bowie used to sing that in his Beckenham arts lab).
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I first heard of Brel when I was in the first form of Wigan Grammar School in about 1959.
Yes, I know that Jacques Brel was Belgian but he still sang in French (i.e. 'chanson francais').

He didn't simply 'sing' songs; he really 'performed' them:

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Thanks, Buen. I'll check him out.
For the pedantic record, it's: chanson française / chansons françaises.

Check out Gilbert Bécaud too:

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GB lives (lived?) not far from me in France. I don't know his work but I'll check that out too. Thanks, Buen. And thanks to you Jim. I'll try to be more grammatical in future.
Got to look long et large to find anything of the genre better than this:

.....and anything by Michel Sardou.....

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Piaf, yes. Brilliant. Sardou I'll need to check out. Thanks, all.
Do you live in France Atheist?
If this 6-year-old fulfils her early potential, we can look forward to seeing another star of Piaf's quality in the future:

George Brassens, Julien Clerc, Léo Ferré are all well worth checking out too. And, if you like rocking out a bit, you really can't go wrong with Renaud (Séchan) or Charlélie Couture.
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Yes, but only for half the year, shoota.
Me too, half in London, half in Deux Sevres.

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Comme Ils Disent.

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