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i need help figuring out song title or artist of a song!!!!

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username00 | 04:46 Tue 22nd Apr 2008 | Artists
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i dont know if someone can help me out.. i was at the urban outfitters store in victoria gardens tel # 909-803-2099. anyways while i was shopping i heard a beautiful song, but i dont know the artist. ive been trying to find out what this song was i checked the playlist for april on their website but its not on there and i called the store, but they said they cant tell because the cds are sent from the company and are blank. all i know is that the song was slow and romantic, it was a female artist and sounded kind of like feist style and it was a love song about how she wishes the guy she was with loved her. i remember one line it was something like..i wish you knew that when i said i wanted 2 cubes of sugar i meant 3... please if someone has any clue. i love this song and its been haunting me. well thanks for any help you may have to give me...



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I think I have found it! Kate Nash - Nicest thing.
Is this it?

Love daffi x
Question Author
thank you so much daffi!!!! i cannot thank you enough for figuring this out for me. you're awesome.
Awww (blush)! Just glad I could help x

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i need help figuring out song title or artist of a song!!!!

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