Drivers 'Slow To Go Green'

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Car insurance customers have been slow to adopt environmentally-friendly habits, it has been claimed.

The Campaign for Better Transport admitted there has been a shift in attitude among motorists in recent times- brought about by a combination of concerns about the planet and financial worries. However, it added there was still more to be done.

The campaigns director with the group, said: "Behaviour is changing by drivers but all too slowly - and that is due in the main to lack of government leadership."

He stated MPs needed to offer incentives which would encourage motorists to reduce their speed, use public transport or not travel at all.

Meanwhile, a recent report from the Campaign for Better Transport claimed by cutting public transport fares by 20 per cent, rail travel would increase by nearly a fifth and the number of people using buses would rise by over 10 per cent within eight years.

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