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Just got caught speeding on the M6 Toll but what was the speed limit?

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GraemeC | 23:17 Mon 01st Nov 2010 | Road rules
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Hi all,

I just got flashed by a speed camera on on the south bound of the M6 toll road, right at the end of the toll road where it merges.

The thing is that just before i got flashed i saw a sign saying "variable speed limits".

Does anyone know the speed limits for that stretch of the M6? and what i'll be receiving in the post for doing 91mph


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If there were no overhead gantry signs saying anything else then it would have been 70.
Question Author
Thanks, any ideas on the penalty for 91 in a 70?
Grae, I think that over 90mph is an automatic ban! ................sorry!.........
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Nooo, are you serious Welsh?

i thought it was over 100mph?
Question Author
Just for your info........

The advice is based on the following information supplied:

How long had you held your licence at the time of the alleged offence?
Less than 2 years - full driving licence.
How many penalty points have been endorsed on your driving licence in the 3 years prior to the offence under review?
Speed limit?
70 mph (Motorway).
Speed alleged?
91 mph.
Excess of speed limit
21 mph.
Percentage over limit
Maximum Penalty/Court Guidelines

The information detailed below is by way of a guideline only and does not amount to a specific legal opinion. It does not take into account regional or local variations. If reference is made to a Court Summons, the information supplied is based on the recommended sentencing powers available to Magistrates. However, inevitably Magistrates exercise their discretion in different ways.

If a disqualification is imposed by way of an instant ban for the offence, you will not receive penalty points as well.

Will I be offered a Speed Awareness Court?
Although you can attempt to persuade the Police to offer a speed awareness course, the decision is entirely at their discretion and there is no obligation to offer a course at any stage. Most Police forces will only offer courses to first time offenders or to motorists who have committed a relatively minor offence.

*** If you are offered a speed awareness course and comply with the terms, the following information will not be relevant. ***

Will I be offered a Fixed Penalty Notice?

Maximum penalty points?
If you accept a Fixed Penalty Notice: 3.

*** Warning: If you reach 6 penalty points within the first 2 years of passing your driving test, your licence will be revoked. ***

New Drivers Act / Revocation of Driving Licence
max 70, countrywide. No point in buying fast cars.
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I passed my test in 1974, not had a speeding fine yet, how do you manage to aquire one within 2 years of passing your test?
At the risk of being obvious and boring whatever the punishment is, take it and don't do it again and take no notice of others boasting. There is no reason to break the limit regardless.
My daughter was late for an appt when rd was clear (3-30pm) on a Sat aftn she put her foot down (82mph) she got pulled over and got a £200.fine on the spot & had to attend a traffic seminar.
91 in a 70 is a fixed penalty, take it and pay it asap.
How do you know it was 91?

Speedos in most cars read high so if it's from that there's a good chance you were a few miles an hour slower.

If it was from a SatNav it was probably accurate
Question Author
Thanks Toureman,

I now understand what the "variable speed limits" are, so i now know that at least it was a 70 limit.

Fingers crossed for 3points and a £60 fine!
I got done doing 92 in a 70 a few years ago by a "safety" camera and got 3 points and a £60 fine.

70mph is the legal limit but it is far too low nowadays. The limit was set when cars had drum brakes and were sitting on crappy rubber - modern cars are significantly safer and the limit should be raised to reflect this.

I'm all for a 70 limit on motorways in certain conditions - even 50 - but on roads like the M6 Toll, which I've never seen busy, why bother having a speed limit at all?
Hi Graeme,

did you hear anything back - the same thing happened to me today :(
Question Author
Not yet Julie, it's been 1 more week to wait....
The answer is 70 mph unless shown otherwise. So GraemeC, take you punishment and learn by your mistake and stick to the speed limit. You might say ‘well the road was empty’ but you would have had a greater chance of survival at 70 than at 90+ in the event of a tyre blow out. Just remember that the crash barriers are designed to absorb a 70 mph crash and not 90 mph, just think on before driving so recklessly.

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Just got caught speeding on the M6 Toll but what was the speed limit?

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