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Police ANPR Cam safety vans???

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kevo2k7 | 17:54 Mon 16th Nov 2009 | Road rules
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I went past one lastnight about 9pm parked up at the side of a 40mph road and i was doing about 48mph before i spotted it and hit the Brakes which was quite late really so i would of definately have been in the camera radar beams,however i believe that these cam vans just specialise in things such as Catching cars with no tax,insurance etc,im aware that they can also analyse speed so what are the chances that i will be recieving 3 points and £60 fine for speeding? the van in question was this exact one but the only difference was that the doors were closed on the parked Cam van.


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If it was an anpr van your in the clear.

Read the link..............
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Toureman great bit of info there mate thanks for putting my mind at ease. Cheers Kev

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Police ANPR Cam safety vans???

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