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Careless Driving and Failure to Yield to Pedestrian in a Crosswalk (New Jersey, USA)

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phillyfootball20 | 17:12 Wed 11th Nov 2009 | Road rules
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Hi, I was driving on Oct 15th and made a left turn from a stop sign onto a somewhat busy road.
It was raining and quite foggy.
There was a hatchback stopped in the middle of the intersection (from the stop sign to the road I was turning on). I stopped next to it for about 5 seconds, wondering why it stopped.
As the hatchback "went", I too released my brake and let the car roll, was approaching a red light.
There was a pedestrian in front of me and my car tapped him; I didnt see him at all, windshield was foggy and so was outside.

Police came, pedestrian is pretty much OK.
I received citations for "Careless driving" and "failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk"

I do not have the citations in front of me but they both have "Court Appearance Required" checked w/ no fine. I have court tonight; what should I expect, how should I plead? Wise to get attorney?
I realize this is last minute :/

Thanks for the help
[email protected]


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Are you American By chance Philly?

If so I hope somebody can answer your question but this is a mainly UK based site so there may not be anyone that can advise you on American legal matters.
This is a UK site.............from your choice of terms I think you are probably in USA.
You'll fare better asking on a site where the rules of the roads in America are better understood.
Might see you getting put to the sword by Judge Judy on TV phillyfootball20 !! lol
take kegal advice, but i don't see how you could possibly et away with it - from your own description you couldn't see out of the window, yet you still went ahead. That sunds like careless driving t my (untrained) ears, and you didn't in fact yeild to the pedestrian
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Careless Driving and Failure to Yield to Pedestrian in a Crosswalk (New Jersey, USA)

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