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New roundabout.

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Toleman | 21:27 Wed 13th Aug 2008 | Road rules
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Hi, there is a big roundabout I use most days on the way to work. They changed it getting on for a year ago as the traffic was tailing back during the rush hours. It on an 'A' road which is a duel carrage way and as most traffic turns left they made the left lane by pass the rounderbout and continue on the 'A' road. The right lane goes onto the roundabout.

It slows to 40 (from 70) just before the roundabout and due to lorries the left lane does tale back 20m or so. The problem is your in the left lane and cars zip down the right and dart in to the left lane at the last minute into tiny spaces between cars to skip a small amount of the que. You often have to break as the spaces arn't big enough.

Its really annoying but what would be the result of you not breaking except the obvious of you bumping into them - Whos fault would it be?

*On a dual carrage way*
Also its annoying when there are road works and there is a big que past atleast the lane closure 50m sign. There is always the people who can't wait and go down the right lane and merge last chance which slows it more.
Is it breaking the law to que in the centre of the road between both lanes to stop people slowing everyone else up?



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1st point. You don't mean Wilby r'about at Wellingborough, do you? Yes, I agree this sort of behaviour is annoying and if the car cutting in caused an accident I think it would be possible to claim they were driving " without due care and attention".
2nd point. There is no law against using both lanes to queue into roadworks. Indeed, there are often signs to encourage it. The problem is 'us British' think it right and proper to queue (see what would happen in this situation in France, Italy etc!), but it is an offence to block the lane. It comes under "obstructing the highway". However, that doesn't stop me doing it in my truck as I find people who overtake annoying too, even though they are not breaking any law unless they 'cut in' as stated in point 1.
As a follow on to using two lanes on the approach to road works, you will often see the sign "merge in turn". If people did then the flow rate would increase but more often than not people in the inside lane do not allow the others to merge and don't leave enough room between vehicles to allow this to happen.
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Thanks guys - you have scared me sddsddean, i do mean the Wilby one - im from rushden at work around northampton a lot. Do you live near by then?

My stepdad went to spain and went all inclusive. He said the spanish didn't want to que and were pushing in during meal times.

I guess in a way its not too bad. Still annoying.

Yep, I live in West Haddon, but my tipper truck is based in N'pton and I drive all over the county. Have you noticed at Wilby (though not during the school holidays) that the queue that used to be back to the BP west bound, is now back to the Gt Doddington turn eastbound, as the the now free flowing traffic round the r'about has effectively blocked the eastbound entry. I suppose it will be traffic lights next!

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New roundabout.

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