3 Point turn accident

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Simone10 | 18:54 Tue 18th Sep 2007 | Road rules
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This morning I took my children to school and pulled into the allocated parking space on the side of the road to drop my children with a friend who was going to take them into school for me. There were several cars parked in front of me. I had parked in the last but one space and the last space was empty. I got back into my car and needed to reverse back slightly into the empty space to pull back onto the road. There was no car parked behind me and I looked in my rear view mirrors to check. As I started to reverse I hit something. When I got out I had hit the front of a man's car who had pulled behind me as he was doing a 3 point turn. He was not there when I looked in my mirrors and he considers the accident to be my fault. I have said that I don't feel it was my fault because I was reversing into an empty parking space and he had come behind me as I did. So can anyone help? Who is at fault? or do you think it is a 50/50 thing? Is there any law on 3 point turning?


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It will probably be treated as 50/50, but from what you describe, the other driver was more likely at fault. Swap details and let the insurance companies argue, that's what you pay them for.

Have no further contact with the other driver, apart from to exchange details and NEVER admit to being at fault i.e don't even say anything with sorry or I didn't in the sentence.
I work in insurance - you may be able to successfully argue a 50/50, but the onus is on the person performing the manouver to ensure the way is clear. You may be 100% liable for this dependent on what companies are dealing - gawd bless Norwich Union and thier Indian call centre workers who have no idea about british road traffic laws!!

If you're reversing, then you're not going with the normal flow of the traffic, and whist you may be able to argue contributory negligence on the third party for pulling up close behind you, you should be looking where you're reversing 100% of the manouver.

It doesn't appear to be fair, but if the third party is travelling in the correct direction in a carriageway, it's his right of way.
Sounds to me like it's your fault.

You didn't see him so were obviously not looking while reversing. Checking your mirrors before you move is not the same thing as looking while you move.

From the way you describe it, you hit him rather than he hit you. Was his car stationary at the point of collision? If so, that's more in his favour.
where exactly do you look when reversing??

i hope for all other road users that you dont look out the back of your car when driving forward!
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I was using my 3 mirrors. As I started to move back he came behind me. He was parked on the other side of the road he said and decide to do a 3 point turn. As I started to move he came behind me. Now I can see how the fault would be with me if I hadn't looked but you don't expect someone to come from the other side of the road from a parked position behind you. I didn't see him because he was parked almost level with me in the opposite side.
Sorry to say this but as a driver you should always expect the unexpected and whilst reversing using your mirrors is not enough....looking over both shoulders in addition to mirrors is the way it should be done...and slowly...remember your blind spots are not covered by mirrors.
Just be thankful it was a car crossing behind you that you didn't see and not one of your children's friends going to school!
As a Driving Instructor............Your at fault. If a child runs out behind a car and you knock em down then its not your fault cuz they wernt there when you started reversin? You shud watch at all times. Your to blame. Drivin without due care and attention you'll find.........

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3 Point turn accident

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