What motorbike can I ride with a car licence?

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retrochoir | 01:19 Sun 15th Apr 2007 | Road rules
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I passed my car driving test in 1987. At that time this allowed me to ride a 125cc (12bhp restricted) motorbike indefinitely as long as I displayed learner plates.

I'm pretty sure the rules have changed since then. Can anyone please let me know what the new rules are?

Thanks in advance


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For a category A machine (up to 125cc and 11kW power output) you must first satisfactorily complete a CBT course. The CBT will last two years, you must display L plates, can't go on motorways and can't carry passengers.

For a category P machine (up to 50cc legally defined as a moped) since you passed your car test before Feb 2001, the DVLA will also have given you a full P entitlement. This means it's just like having passed a test on a moped, you can dispense with L plates, CBTs and may carry passengers (but still not use motorways where there is a 50cc lower limit).

Those drivers who passed their car test after Feb 2001 will receive a full P category which only becomes valid after obtaining a CBT certificate. This will then last for their driving career. They can also do this the other way round i.e. pass a driving test whilst holding a current CBT certificate.
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First of all, thanks vey much for your interest.

You say the CBT lasts for two years. Does this mean I can ride only a restricted 125cc bike for the lenght of this time?

When will I be able to ride bigger bikes and are there any further tests I need to pass in order to do this?
The CBT certificate lasts 2 years. When it runs out you can repeat the course.

To gain entitlement to ride bigger bikes you must also pass a motorcycle Theory Test and Practical Test. This can be done in two ways:

STANDARD TEST (A2) - taken on a 125cc machine. A test pass results in a full licence, but restricted to 33hp machines for two years.

DIRECT ACCESS SCHEME (DAS) - riders, who are over 21, are allowed to take their test on a larger machine. A test pass results in an unrestricted licence.

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What motorbike can I ride with a car licence?

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