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Speed Gun Warning

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AB Editor | 15:47 Wed 05th Jan 2011 | Motoring
32 Answers
A man in Grimsby has been prosecuted for flashing his headlights at other drivers to warn them of a police speed trap.

The man believes it is his civic duty to warn others of the speed trap. The police believe he was obstructing the police officers from doing their duty.

Source: BBC News

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Do you believe he was doing his civic duty, or stopping the police officers from doing their job?

  • He was doing his civic duty - 26 votes
  • 72%
  • He was stopping the police doing their job - 10 votes
  • 28%

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Neither, I believe he was being kind - I'd have done the same and probably lied if questioned by the police.
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C: None of the above.
I'd go for he was just trying to be kind too.
Yep - I'm well 'ard me !
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Loving all these themed avatars btw ;-)
i agree, c a kindly act. I cannot get how the guy got prosecuted...didn't he just say he did it accidentally?
;-) ...gotta be done.
I Flashed other motorists Before to warn them, might think twice about it now though!
If an idiotic lad is racing towards me I'll let him learn a harsh lesson and not forewarn him; if it is a driver who is driving with in an apparently sensible fashion I am more inclined to warn them to check their speedo so as not to get caught for a minor excess.
as if living in Grimsby isnt depessing enough...
I still can't figure why he got done for encouraging people to stick to the speed limit.
Surely drivers should be encouraged to help others to stick to the limit.
I understand he represented himself and is thinking of appealing.

I wonder if he is aware of this case:-
It's being a good citizen to encourage people to slow down
Barmaid - Is there an abbreviated version of that long article?

I thought that the Police were out to catch speeders in an attempt to deter people from exceeding the speed limit. It seems that this police force just want to catch people doing anything fine-able.
Wolf3, having just read it, the essence is that it is an offence only if the oncoming traffic was either speeding or likely to be speeding
Incidently, I don't think this was argued but I might suggest that the very fact that someone signals oncoming traffic to indicate a speed trap show that at least in his mind the oncoming traffic was either speeding or likely to be about to
j-t-p thanks - but it would be impossible to prove the speed of the ongoing traffic. They say that ignorance of the law is no defence - but why do they make the laws so fekkin' complicated?

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Speed Gun Warning

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